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Yard Signs

Why do People Get Yard Signs to Announce a New Baby?

You've surely seen yard signs for a variety of things, but some of the most unique ones are for new baby announcements. These are large signs that come in the shape of storks, and they often have customized wording like the size and weight of the new infant. There are even ones for new grandparents, which have less-customized messages announcing their new grandkid.

People in Charleston, SC get these yard signs for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is typically to show their pride in the new arrival to the family. A yard sign makes sure that everyone in the area knows about the baby – while saving the exhausted new parents from having to call every neighbor to tell them. The next reason is to serve as a guidepost for those coming to offer their congratulations. Some new parents even have enough energy left to have a party, and want their guests to be able to find the house!

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