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Welcome Baby Yard Signs

Welcome Baby Yard Signs Show Parenthood Pride

When a new baby arrives in the household, it's normal to want to let everyone know about it – even those who haven't been told one is on the way. One of the easiest ways to do it is to put up rented Welcome Baby yard signs. These signs instantly get the point across because they're shaped like big storks with bundles. The bundle is printed with the important details, such as the exact time of the baby's arrival and his or her name. This ensures that even neighbors who aren't directly contacted will know about the new family member.

Grandparents can show pride with Welcome Baby yard signs, too. For them, rental companies offer pre-set messages like "it's a granddaughter!" as well as fully-customized options. These pre-set messages are more affordable, so many grandparents choose this option and leave it to the parents to show the fully-customized versions.

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