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Stork Signs Near Me

Where Can I Find Stork Signs Near Me?

I never thought I'd be looking for stork signs near me, but when my sister had a baby, I decided to surprise her when she got home from the hospital. I thought that some big yard signs would be perfect, and what better image than a stork carrying a bundle of joy? Searching led me to a rental company in Charleston, SC that actually specializes in these signs. They rent them out for one-week periods, and even customize them with information about the baby. They even have ones for grandparents to announce the arrival of a new grandchild.

It was easy to get stork signs for me once I found this company. They actually deliver and set up the signs, and then come get them once the rental period is over. I'm sure my sister will appreciate not having to go out into the yard and mess with the sign so soon after having her baby!

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