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Stork Sign Store

Where Can You Find a Stork Sign Store?

If you've decided to put up stork signs to announce your new baby, the next question will be where to get them. After all, you don't usually see things like that for sale at the local big box stores! Fortunately, if you're in Charleston, SC, it's easy to get your signs. There is actually a stork sign store in the area! This store rents out the signs for one-week periods, so you can have your signs without the expense of buying them outright. The store even customizes them for you if you choose, so you're not limited to a generic message.

This specialization is unusual for stores, so it's no wonder if you're surprised that there is an actual stork sign store. However, if you call Carol's Carolina Storks, you'll find that it is indeed a real thing. They not only have the signs, they will deliver, place, and then them up for you.

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