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Stork Sign Rental

Is Stork Sign Rental Real?

You may have seen yards with professional-looking stork signs announcing the arrival of the baby, and thought that it would be prohibitively expensive to buy something like that. Upon asking around, you might learn that the people didn't buy their signs at all – they rented them. Yes, it's true: Stork sign rental is a real thing.

With stork sign rental, the proud parent(s) don't have to pay to buy a sign, nor do they need to deal with the temptation to keep it forever. Instead, they rent the sign, and the rental company customizes it for them. This makes it easy and affordable to announce the baby to the neighborhood in a striking way. If a party takes place, it also ensures that guests can find the house without problems. Rental costs a fraction of the price of buying the sign, so most people use this option.

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