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Stork Announcement Yard Sign

Where Can I Get a Cool Stork Announcement Yard Sign?

If you've looked in stores for a stork announcement yard sign, you've likely come up empty-handed. That's because they're typically not sold. Instead, they come from a rental company in Charleston, SC. This company customizes the signs according to the renter's desires and then rents it out for seven days per rental period. There's no need for the renters to pick up or drop off the sign; this is handled by the company. The company even leaves a gift package to keep after the rental period is over.

In many cases, the stork announcement yard sign isn't rented by the new mother. Instead, family members or friends take care of it. This makes these signs great "welcome home" messages for those now embarking on the journey of parenthood. The company's sign pick-up policy makes it easy to make a big impression without hassles. Rent one or more to announce your new child.

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