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Birth Announcement Yard Signs

What's the Scoop Behind Those Birth Announcement Yard Signs?

You've likely seen birth announcement yard signs on occasion. They're large and stork-shaped, and the bundle the stork carries has a message or birth information written on it. If you're about to become a parent or know someone who is, chances are that your interest in this sort of thing has now increased exponentially. Here's how the signs work and where to look for some for your event:

Surprisingly, these birth announcement yard signs are typically rented. When you think about it, renting makes sense – a birth celebration is typically a fairly short-term event. Storing such a large sign isn't practical, either. Rental is perfect for covering your needs without losing precious storage space. It's also far less expensive than buying. Best of all, the rental company will personalize the sign with your new baby's birth info or a special message, so it won't be obvious to anyone else that you didn't buy it.

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