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Baby Announcement Lawn Signs

Are There Unique Baby Announcement Lawn Signs?

Lawn signs are great for announcing a new baby, but the message can easily be missed if they look too generic. People are used to small, rectangular signs advertising garage sales or home contractors, not babies – so they might not even look at them. What you need are some truly unique baby announcement lawn signs.

The best way to get your message out onto your lawn is to use stork signs. These are shaped like traditional baby-carrying storks, so people don't even have to read them to get the main message: that you have a new baby! Those who look for another moment will see the baby's information printed on the bundle the stork is carrying. This concise, instantly-recognizable presentation makes the story style the best for baby announcement lawn signs. Even better for you, you can rent these signs instead of having to make your own. This makes them quick and easy for you.

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