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About Us

Carol DeLuca grew up in NJ but appreciates the southern charm and scenery of the Low Country. She is widowed from her husband Scott of 35 years. She and her husband have two children. Anthony is 23 and Nicole is 33. Both children help run the business.

A Stork Lawn Sign rental is a unique way to announce the birth of your child to your neighbors and friends. Carol's Carolina Storks is the premier yard sign rental service for Charleston and the surrounding area. 

We are honored to be a part of your new bundle of joy’s arrival. We love to see clients smile when they arrive home to a beautifully handcrafted stork yard sign with a keepsake bundle from  Carol's Carolina Storks.


Carol's Carolina Storks is a family owned and operated stork sign business based in Charleston, SC. We pride ourselves on making each bundle as unique and personal as possible after all this is something that the family will cherish forever!

We deliver when you do! Let Carol's Carolina Storks take care of the details.  Please contact us at 201-233-3742


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